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Worried your relationship is silently falling apart? It hurts like hell.

The good news is, there are small steps you can start making *right away* to gradually restore passion, intimacy & deep understanding. 

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Love is not something that just “happens” – it’s a skill

Perhaps you recognize this:

In the beginning, everything felt great and it was always wonderful to spend time together.
It was the two of you against the rest of the world. But over time, things changed.
Doubts started to arise.

You started wondering:

  • Is this really the one I'm looking for?
  • Shouldn't I feel different?
  • Shouldn't it be easier?

My short answer to that last question is: no.

But there is good news too: love is not something that merely “happens” to you. It’s a skill. And building a relationship that continues to feel great and wonderful – even long after the honeymoon phase is over – is something you can learn. Right here.

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Hi, I'm Emanuela.

A highly sought-after relationship expert, couples counselor, international speaker & bestselling author. Thanks to her multi-cultural background, she works in four languages in her private counselling practice in Amsterdam. As a certified Imago, EFT and Systemic-therapist, she knows how to guide couples not only effectively, but also emphatically. 

She's a founder of the online platform School of Love — a place designed to empower and educate couples on how to feel appreciated, alive and passionate, even when going through some dark times.

Emanuela believes that our relationships are the gate for profound inner change and connection beyond imagination. And since love is a skill, every relationship has the power to flower again and again. The only real question is: are you ready to work for it?

What's inside:


You'll find various couples' behaviors explained through real-life stories, so you can understand yourselves better


Every Golden Rule comes with practical tips and powerful exercises, so you can turn theory into action right away


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E-book 3 Golden Rules for an amazing relationship

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  • Learn how to argue in a constructive, not destructive way
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